Quilt Appraisals

Quilt Appraisals will not be done this year, but will be considered for the 2025 show.

If you would like further information on appraisals you may contact:

Black Canyon Quilt Show, Inc.
Attn:  Pam Grow
P O Box 2053
Montrose, CO. 81402

Why get an Appraisal

Why should I get an appraisal?


Information to know before filling out the Quilt Appraisal Request Form.

Quilt Appraisal Request Form

Form to request for a Quilt Appraisal. Mail it to the address listed above.

Cindy Brick, Quilt Appraiser

Cindy Brick is an AQS-certified, ASA-affiliated and USPAP-trained personal property appraiser (25+ years experience), and a professional quilt restorer. She has been appraising since 1997, certified by the American Quilter’s Society since 1999, and is a member of the Amercian Society of Appraisers (ASA) for more than 6+ years.