Large Pieced, Medium/Large Pieced, Medium Pieced,
Small Pieced, and Group Prize Winners

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1st Place Large Pieced

Mary Ross, "Windmill"

2nd Place Large Pieced

Lois Sackmann, "Amazon Star"

3rd Place Large Pieced

Nancy Bowlin, "Star in the Mountain"

1st Place Med./Large Pieced

Cinda Clay, "LeMoyne Star"

2nd Place Med./Large Pieced

Cinda Clay, "Santa Baby"

3rd Place Med./Large Pieced

Jan Daoust, "Galaxy of Stars"

1st Place Med. Pieced

Sharie Blackwelder, "Camping in Style with Nature"

2nd place Med. Pieced

Judy Clay, "Buffalo Mother & Calf"

3rd Place Med. Pieced

Sue Gattis, "Carpenter Star"

1st Place Small Pieced

Carolyn Ray, "All Tied Up"

2nd Place Small Pieced

Nancy Kenton, "Bargello"

3rd Place Small Pieced

Cheryl Yergler, "My Sunflower"

1st Place Group

Monika Lamprecht, "Shuffled & Sliced"

2nd Place Group

Terry McGee, "Friendship Baskets"

3rd Place Group

Kristi Thaute, "Merry Go Round"

Large Appliqué, Medium/Small Appliqué, Large Mixed,
Medium Mixed, and Small Mixed Winners

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1st Place Large Appliqué

Barb Scheu, "Nature's Garden"

2nd Place Large Appliqué

Jan Daoust, "Garden Patch Cats"

3rd Place Large Appliqué

Peggy Maynes, "Evening Bloom"

1st Place Med./Small Appliqué

Nancy Bowlin, "Tatanka"

2nd Place Med./Small Appliqué

Sonia Sanderson, "Bunny Hop"

3rd Place Med./Small Appliqué

Jan Daoust, "Elegant Garden"

1st Place Large Mixed

Mary Ross, "Words to Live By"

2nd Place Large Mixed

Jan Daoust, "Timeless Traditions"

3rd Place Large Mixed

Margaret Noah, "Sweet Potato Queen of 2015"

1st Place Med. Mixed

Margaret Noah, "The Smile"

2nd Place Med. Mixed

Valerie Carhart, "Autumn of Desire"

3rd Place Med. Mixed

Barb Willey, "Winter Memories"

1st Place Small Mixed

Debbie Watkins, "Drawn, Quartered &; Hung"

2nd Place Small Mixed

Debbie Miles, "Blaze 'N Trails"

3rd Small Mixed

Helena Hoover, "Primavera"

Challenge, Modern, and Youth Winners

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1st Place Challenge

Debbie Watkins, "Celebrate 20 Years of Discovering Hidden Quilt Gems"

2nd Place Challenge

Carolyn Ray, "East Meets West/Celebrate Diversity"

3rd Place Challenge

Lori Perpar, "To Dance Is to Celebrate"

1st Place Modern Quilt

Sue Gattis, "Jellyroll Redux"

2nd Place Modern

Monika Lamprecht, "Ancient Underwater Ruins"

3rd Place Modern

Debbie Watkins, "Home 2 10 Exploration"

1st Place Youth

Madyson Scarborough, "Beginner's Bargello

2nd Place Youth

Dafne Seacat, "Twistydoodle"

3rd Place Youth

Olivia Renfrow, "Stacked Coins"

Merit Winners and Best in Class, Judges Choice

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