The Black Canyon Quilt Show annually operates a Boutique, open to the public, which features donated, hand made needlework items. All proceeds from the Boutique sales go directly to a Montrose 501c-3 charitable organization.

The recipient chosen for the 2023 show is Shepard’s Hand of Montrose

The Shepherd’s Hand, Inc.

 “Value to the Community” summary

The Shepherd’s Hand (SH) is a 501c3, Colorado non-profit Corporation dedicated to providing for the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of the ”homeless” and underserved in the Montrose community. Our goal is to provide individuals and families with housing, food, clothing, counselling and daytime and night time shelter and assistance in transitioning to employment and life “off the streets”.

To accomplish our mission, we have established a day center at 505 South 2nd Street in Montrose which is open throughout the day Monday through Friday.  During this time, individuals can come in out of the weather, have access to showers, clothes washing facilities, hot food, and clothing. Life skills training is available as needed or requested.  The SH works collaboratively with other non-profits in the community to provide professional counselling on site in private counselling rooms. Access to wall lockers for storing personal items and receiving mail is also available. A separate food distribution point is available at this facility where food is provided as needed. 

Their website is

Past recipients of Boutique funds have been:

  • 2022 Black Canyon Boys and Girls Club
  • 2021 Sharing Ministries
  • 2020 Sleep in Heavenly Peace (SHP)
  • 2019 Sleep in Heavenly Peace (SHP)
  • 2018 Kid’s Aid
  • 2017 Region 10
  • 2016 Sharing Ministries Food Band
  • 2015 Passage Charter School
  • 2014 Montrose Regional Library Permanent Book Fund
  • 2013 San Juan Cancer Center
  • 2012 Haven House
  • 2011 Samaritan Aviation
  • 2010 Christ’s Kitchen
  • 2009 Hospice and Palliative Care
  • 2008 House of Promise
  • 2007 Dolphin House